Taking a more in-depth and critical look at what matters to our Pacific People.

The art of storytelling has always been an integral part of the Pacific psyche, and in order to continue that legacy we must preserve it.

Our documentaries offer an insight into the stories that reflect our unique cultures and perspectives. 


Salat se Rotuma Part One - A Tagata Pasifika documentary special: Our own Ngaire Fuata travels to her father's homeland for the first time; the beautiful, remote island 'Rotuma'.

Vaka Hine Moana - the Journey Home Part One: Adrian Stevanon travels back to the time of our fore fathers, on a journey across the pacific ocean on board Vaka Hine Moana.

Pasifika Identity in Aotearoa - Most of the Pacific people in this country where born here. We have a youthful population and statistics show that almost half of Pacific children aged 0-4 years had more than one ethnicity. In this programme, we explore the notion of how you maintain your Pacific identity in this changing demographic.


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